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Housewarming Gifts

by MVTE on 11 Aug 2017 in News

You’re Invited!

Yes, invited to another housewarming party. It’s a special day when someone finds a house they are ready to make their home. We also know that it can be tricky to find a great gift. Here are three different gifts for three different types of homes:

1- The Cozy Home

A warm cozy blanket and gift certificate to get a movie or book, depending on your recipient. Taking a moment to enjoy the new space and feel the comfort of a friend or families love wrapped around you just says, “Ahhhhh! I’m home.”

2- The Lights Out Home

“How many times have I told you to TURN OUT THE LIGHTS!” Wouldn’t it be fantastic to never have to say or hear those words again? Light timers have come a long way since the old “twister timers” you plug into your wall. Now the systems are wired right into the wall and can even connect to your phone. Bring a little peace into a home with a new light timer.

3- The Efficient Home

Programmable thermostats that automatically adapt to life will make your loved one’s home not only cool during the summer or warm in the winter, but will also save them money. It’s definitely a gift that continues to give.

With more and more new houses becoming homes we hope these ideas are helpful for your next housewarming gift, or maybe these will be on your Christmas or birthday lists.

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