Step 4: How to Place a Title Order

How to Place a Title Order

You can order a title from the calculator screen without having to re-enter any details that you have already entered.

  1. Once all of the information and details are entered into the calculator, press “Calculate”.  If all the numbers look correct then you’re ready to Order Title.
  2. From Closing Statement page, press “Order Title” button located at top of the page.
  3. Fill in any necessary details on this form that are missing, for example:
    1. Seller name
    2. Property address
    3. Sale price
  4. Then click “Order Title” at bottom of the form.
  5. If there is missing information, you will be prompted to enter that information by a red box and red text.
  6. Once you click “Order Title” your order is submitted and someone from MVTE will contact you shortly.

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