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Title Searches: Uncover Property Issues Before You Purchase

by MVTE on 28 Jun 2017 in News

Have you gone to purchase a home and wondered, “Why do they need to do a ‘title’ search? I mean, I’m buying a home… in the U.S. of A… not a British “title.” Are people going to start announcing me as a home owner when I show up to parties?” Well, the answer to your second question is… maybe, depends on the quirky meter of your friends. But let’s see if we can clear up the reason for a title search.

A “title” as it relates to the real estate world pertains to who has legal ownership and the right to use a piece of property. Ultimately a title search can help discover any title issues connected to the property. Common title problems are:

  1. Errors in public records
  2. Boundary/survey disputes
  3. Undiscovered encumbrances
  4. Missing heirs
  5. Forgeries
  6. Illegal deeds
  7. Unknown easements
  8. Unknown liens
  9. Undiscovered will
  10. False impersonation of the previous owner
Learn more about these problems and how to protect yourself and your property by reaching out to one of our Mountain View Title and Escrow Associates. We can help first and foremost, with a thorough search and then assist you with the appropriate title insurance. Depending on the terms of the policy, these noted title problems and other problems are often covered by title insurance. We hope this helped. For more answers to your title and escrow questions, please contact us!

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